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The Dangers of Dry Mouth

Top 10 Dry Mouth Reference Websites

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Symptoms That Can Accompany Dry Mouth and Hyposalivation

Chronic dry mouth is not a lone wolf. It is a condition that typically appears with a pack of related conditions. These conditions add to the discomforts associated with dry mouth, and can negatively impact oral and general health.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Dry Mouth

Sleep apnea, a disorder that involves abnormal breathing during sleep, is a difficult condition to detect. The afflicted individual generally has no knowledge of the breathing pauses or low breathing episodes that are used to diagnose the disease. What the sleep apneic might experience, however, is chronic fatigue and, possibly, the sensation of a very dry mouth and throat upon waking.

Diseases Associated with Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is associated with a wide range of diseases and disorders. In some cases, it is not clear whether the disease itself causes the dry mouth symptoms, or whether those symptoms are related to the medications used to treat the disease. Either situation is problematic for the patient, because the underlying cause cannot usually be treated. The patient, therefore, must address the symptoms of dry mouth with over-the-counter or prescription remedies, as instructed by the physician.

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